CMA Awards: The Crazy Reason Some People Think Carrie Underwood Is Expecting

Carrie Underwood is busy tearing down the house as the CMA Awards host (alongside Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire), but, some viewers, unfortunately, can't help but focus on whether the singer is pregnant or not. And seeing as though Underwood has not announced that she is expecting, it mostly sounds like a ton of, rather unfair, speculation from a small subset of CMA viewers.

(Photo: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images, Getty)

Some users questioned whether she was pregnant after she donned a green dress onstage while presenting with fellow host, Parton.

"She certainly looks pregnant with a little bump in that green dress," one viewer said.

Another viewer claimed, "Ok... I spotted @carrieunderwood doing the upper belly rub And I'm not trying to speculate she's pregnant but..... WHO DOES THAT? Pregnant people or someone who ate too much at a buffet. That's who. She with child, y'all."

Again, it should be noted that Underwood has not announced that she was expecting or even hinted that she's going to add to her family. She already has two children with her husband, Mike Fischer.) Seeing as that is the case, it's probably time that viewers focus on something more positive instead, like Underwood's show-stopping CMA Awards performance, perhaps.

Underwood didn't just perform solo, for the ceremony's opening number, the songstress, alongside, Parton, McEntire, Tanya Tucker, Gretchen, The Highwomen, and many others, sang a rousing medley of all of their famous hits. Given that the theme for the 53rd annual CMA awards is about celebrating legendary women in the industry, it was an incredibly fitting and moving moment. Many fans on Twitter even called the opening one of the best in the show's history.

In addition to performing some of her catchiest tracks, both solo and alongside numerous legendary women in the country world, Underwood has also taken over hosting duties for the CMA's the 12th year in a row. On Nov. 8, she said that this year's ceremony is an incredibly special one for her, given the theme.


"I really want to do a good job, I want everything to be smooth, I want the fans to be proud of what we're all doing," she told Eyewitness News Entertainment Reporter Sandy Kenyon, per the ABC 7 News. "This year I feel like I'm a little more invested, it's a plight that is near and dear to my heart, supporting women in country music, so I really want it to be great."

Based on the show, which has already featured thrilling performances from all of your country music favorites, it's safe to say that 53rd CMA's has indeed been great.