Clay Walker Caught on Camera Berating Bus Driver in Leaked Video

Clay Walker has issued a statement following the leak of an audio recording of him scolding his tour bus driver. On March 6, a video clip appeared online in which the country music star berated the driver at length and threatened him with violence in a profanity-laced rant. "I'm coming over here, and I'm going to tell you something. I can whip your ass at one hand tied behind my back. Don't say a f— word," Walker told the bus driver, per Country Now. "Nope," the bus driver answered in the audio clip. After the 53-year-old father of seven explained the situation, he went on to direct the driver to speak with the executive of the tour bus company to find someone else to take over the bus' operation. "Tomorrow, call your f— boss and get me an experienced f— driver out here because you are not that," the singer said. "And I've been trying to raise you up last night, and you're telling me I'm eating into your f— drive time motherf—." 

The cause of Walker's meltdown is unclear, but he appeared upset because the driver was late. "You told me you'd be here at 10 f— pm [and] you were not here. You lying, c—," he shouted. Walker then cautioned, "So when I come out of that bathroom, get your a— ready to drive and drive me smooth motherf— or you're going to regret it." Toward the end of the clip, the enraged country star criticized the driver for leaving the bus unkempt.  "All my shit is still f— dirty back here. You know what? If you really wanted to f— try and be part of this organization, you'd have found a f— washing machine. You told him you cleaned this bus till 4:45…."

User "" shared the audio recording on TikTok. The caption of her post read, "TIKTOK THIS IS NOT ME BULLYING. We're just outing someone who is. ❤️ I guess the Chain of Love ends with him after all… Share this to make sure it's seen, and he doesn't get away with this." Within 24 hours of the TikTok post going live, it generated over 1,500 comments and 162,000 views. The majority of TikTok users were asking for context and tagging Walker in an attempt to get him to "explain himself." In a statement obtained by Country Now, Walker explained that the recording was taken some time ago when the incident occurred. "This happened over a year ago, and it came at the end of a long, tough weekend," Walker said in a statement via his publicist. "The bus driver and I reconciled immediately, and we are friends and stay in touch."