Carrie Underwood's Fans Can't Get Over Her Husband Mike Fisher's 'Momma Bear' Photo

On Tuesday, Carrie Underwood got to celebrate her birthday in the sweetest way possible — with hugs from her young children, Jacob and Isaiah. Her husband, Mike Fisher, posted a photo of their group hug on social media. Fans, in turn, couldn't help but share their birthday wishes for the singer and their thoughts on the adorable snap.

"Big hugs to momma bear on her special day. We love you so much! Happy birthday @carrieunderwood," Fisher captioned the snap, which caused fans on Facebook and Instagram to speak out about the lovely birthday post.

"Those are the best kind of hugs!" one fan commented on Instagram, adding a heart emoji to boot.

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"Happy birthday,Carrie!!I hope that your day is filled with all of the love & joy your heart can hold & that God keeps blessing you beyond measure!!" another fan commented on Instagram.

Numerous fans on Facebook also shared their kind thoughts in honor of Underwood's birthday.

"Happy birthday your such a beautiful singer. Keep being who you are," a fan commented.

"Your an amazing women with poise and beauty ! Your hubby better know what a lucky man he is!" another fan wrote, commenting on Underwood and Fisher's connection.

"This is really cute...your boys are getting so big so fast...they are so cute...all three of," yet another Facebook user commented on the sweet snap of Underwood and her two sons.

In an interview with PEOPLE, published in December, the country singer discussed being a mom to her two boys. Specifically, she discussed how her elder son, Isaiah, is very helpful when it comes to his younger sibling.

"Being almost 5 years old, he's just so helpful, and he looks out for his little brother," Underwood told the publication. "And he's good at [obliging] when you ask him to do something; he's a very task-oriented child. So if you ask him to do something, he wants to feel helpful and he wants to do it and be a part of things."

Elsewhere in the interview, Underwood opened up about feeling the pressure to "bounce back" after having her second child, Jacob, and how she needed to remind herself of CALIA's "stay the path" mantra after his birth.


"After having my first kid,
 I felt like I bounced back fast. And then with Jake, it was like my body took a minute to get back to me.
 It was frustrating, because I'm like, 'Why wasn't it like the first time?'" she told the publication.

"But I'm four years older," Underwood added. "That also helped me shift my mindset — I'm still working hard, wanting to be the best me possible, but cutting myself slack and just thinking, 'Be kind to yourself.' It's amazing what we [women] do to ourselves. We're probably all our toughest critics."