Widower Honors Late Wife With Carrie Underwood-Themed Truck

A Kansas man is honoring his late wife and his favorite singer through a custom truck design. Lawrence Young posted pictures of his Chevy Silverado on Facebook, completely wrapped in a photo collage of the singer that he says helped get his late wife through tough times in the hospital.

Young's wife, Kathi, passed away in 2010. She suffered complications from a fibromyalgia surgery, leaving her with severe brain damage and a limited ability to speak. Young says that, in those final days, the two of them sat together in the hospital listening to Carrie Underwood's music.

"When she died, she told me, 'Stick with Carrie's music and it will help you through life,' " Young told reporters from The Blast.

Young commissioned his son, who is a graphic designer, to help him create the tribute truck. The project took ten days and cost a grand total of $2,000. Young says another fan offered him $175,000 for the vehicle, but he couldn't part with it.

"I didn't do this for money or attention. I did this as a tribute to Carrie and my wife," he said.


Young says he hopes to meet Underwood in person one and show her the truck. He wants to thank the singer for everything she's done for his family, and he hopes that she'll sign the hood.