Carrie Underwood Shows off Workout Skills Against Jimmy Fallon in Heated Challenge

Carrie Underwood has been busy promoting her new fitness and lifestyle book, Find Your Path, and the country star stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week for a little competition with the host. In an effort to see which of them was more physically fit, Fallon challenged Underwood to three events, the first being a race that required them to place their hands and feet on coordinating squares on the floor. After quickly hopping across the floor, Underwood won.

The second event was a partner challenge and required one person to walk blindfolded through a tiny cityscape while the other person held a plank position and guided them through the course, and Underwood succeeded in navigating the miniature buildings with verbal cues from Fallon.

For the final round, the "Huff and Puff Face-Off," both Underwood and Fallon crouched into a bear crawl while attempting to blow three ping pong balls onto their opponent's side of the floor. Fallon got a leg up before his opponent resorted to using her hands, throwing all the balls across the line when the bell rang as she declared, "I win!"

Underwood's book was released earlier this month and chronicles the singer's own journey to her current healthy lifestyle along with offering readers advice on how to incorporate fitness and nutrition into their own lives with workouts, recipes and more.

"I have been falling more and more in love with health and fitness really just over the past fifteen years," Underwood told Fallon. "I started five years ago working with Dick's Sporting Goods to make CALIA, which is the clothing brand that we design and make and I'm super proud of it. So ever since that door opened and I started doing that, it's just evolved more, so we decided to write a book."

Along with Find Your Path, Underwood launched her Fit52 app, and she's been getting her family and friends involved, sharing a snap of her husband Mike Fisher totally wiped out from one of the app's workouts on Monday morning.

"Kicked the hubby's booty this morning with the @fit52 app!!!" Underwood wrote. "Helloooo #HinduPushUps and #BroadJumpsBackpedal !!! #Sweaty #HesStillHotThough."

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