Carrie Underwood Shares the Hobby She Picked Up During Quarantine

Like all of us, Carrie Underwood has been at home for the majority of 2020, and she used the time to learn a little more about one of her hobbies. During a new interview on Connected with Kelly, the Oklahoma native revealed that she has worked on her garden quite a bit this year and is now able to harvest her own produce.

"I got more into gardening. I had a garden. Last year was my first year to have a garden," she said. "But I didn’t get out in it myself as much as I would have liked. This year it was so much more me. I got to be out there every single day and pull weeds and work. There’s something so satisfying about being like 'I’m going to go get dinner' and you go out to the garden. Right now I have kale and spinach and stuff in the garden. It’s such a nice thing."

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Underwood isn't always in the garden by herself, sharing that she's sometimes joined by her 5-year-old son Isaiah. "My oldest son Isaiah, he'll come out there and pick spinach with me," she said. "I feel like he wants to eat it a little more afterwards after he helped with it. It’s been a good stress manager this year."

Another universal experience in 2020 has been lack of in-person connection, which Underwood says she combats with phone calls, FaceTime and photos.

"I talk to my mama pretty much every day," she shared. "At least five days a week if not seven days a week. I feel like that is my connection to family because she just knows what’s going on with everybody. We have been Zooming a lot more and FaceTiming and stuff like that with family members."

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Underwood added that her husband, Mike Fisher's, family lives in Canada, so they haven't been able to get together at all this year. "It's just finding ways to stay in touch. Sending each other pictures constantly," she said, adding that she knows "it's not the preferred way my husband's parents would like to see their grandchildren grow up. But it helps."


As someone who has been on the road for the past 15 years, 2020 has allowed the Grammy winner to spend an unprecedented amount of time at home.

"I got to be home with my boys all year," she gushed. "I know that it's been such a weird year, but that has been a silver lining for sure."