Carrie Underwood Reflects on 'Crazy' Life With Two Young Children

Carrie Underwood is currently headlining her Cry Pretty Tour 360, with both 4-year-old Isaiah and 3-month-old Jacob along for the ride. The "Southbound" singer, who suffered three miscarriages between having Isaiah and Jacob, is cherishing every moment as a mother of two.

"It's kind of crazy to think," Underwood shared with her record label. "Sometimes I'll literally look at my husband and be like, 'We have two sons. We have two kids. We've been married for almost nine years. We have two children. We live on a farm.' Like it's just weird to think how life turns out sometimes. Life is very different with two. We kind of got out of that baby stage with Isaiah. He's much more self-efficient, and he can brush his own teeth and put his own clothes on, and he's making decisions for himself, and then we start all over with the little squishy one again.

"It's just kind of crazy," she continued. "You forget how hard it is, to be honest, but you just figure your way through it. I am so blessed to have Isaiah who is super helpful and super sweet, and he loves his little brother."

Underwood recently opened up about her family size, revealing that she wasn't sure if she and husband Mike Fisher would try to have a third child or not.

"I do not know at this point," Underwood said on the Today Show. "You know, it's such a difficult road to get where we are now. And I'll have to evaluate after this tour is over. Then we can talk about what's next. But I've been a lot of kind of 'live in the moment' lately. And I think that's good. I am kind of a planner and I really do like knowing what's around every corner."

Having her two young children on the road certainly adds to Underwood's work load, but it's a trade-off she willingly accepts.

"[Isaiah] was 11 months old when we started the last tour," Underwood told ABC News. "So it was very much like: do a little makeup, make him dinner, come back and do my hair, then get him ready for bed. So it was worlds colliding, but it was great. I'm so lucky I get to take my kids to work with me and not everybody gets to do that."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Emma McIntyre