Carrie Underwood Mom-Shamed for Ridiculous Reason

Carrie Underwood is many things, one of which is a makeup lover. So when she shared a selfie at her son Isaiah's soccer game over the weekend wearing a full face of makeup, she likely didn't think twice about it — but some mom shamers did.

The star's selfie saw her smiling at the camera while holding a coffee cup, her hair up in a casual bun as she sported a fleece vest and t-shirt.

"Officially a soccer mom this morning!" she wrote. "It’s chilly out but I’m staying warm rocking some @caliabycarrie ...the kids played a good game! Isaiah scored two goals for his team...and one for the other team. Hey, a goal’s a goal!"

(Photo: Instagram / @carrieunderwood)

In truly ridiculous fashion, some Instagram users commented on the photo to shame Underwood for the amount of makeup she was wearing, which is no one's business but her own.

"Carrie I’m going to be honest. You are so beautiful honey you don’t need all that makeup," one user wrote, with another commenting, “Well that is a crap ton of makeup for a soccer game.”

“Show up like most other soccer mom’s [sic], messy hair don’t care, no makeup and a coffee mug in hand,” another suggested.

After the trolls had their say, many of Underwood's fans chimed in to support the star.

"I love how people are putting their two sense [sic] in about her wearing makeup to her sons game," one comment read. "She can do and wear whatever she wants. I would do the same. So what if I showed up to my kids game in makeup, so sue me. I like wearing my makeup. Look good feel good. Its not hurting anyone. Let her live."

"I still play soccer and yes I wear makeup when I do," another fan noted. "But it shouldn't matter to you if I do or not. What you should see in the @carrieunderwood picture is a mom supporting her child. And she's beautiful doing it."

It's clear Underwood is doing just fine at the whole mom thing, and she and husband Mike Fisher are currently preparing to welcome their second child together. Before the baby arrives, though, Underwood is keeping busy, with the American Idol winner gearing up to co-host the CMA Awards next month with Brad Paisley for the 11th year in a row.


"I feel good," the singer recently told E! News at CMT's Artists of the Year event in Nashville. "I just have a strange job. I feel like I'm a working mom, pregnant, I got my stuff to do, you know, it's just an interesting job I have, but I'm just like every other pregnant lady trying to go to work."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @carrieunderwood