Watch Carly Pearce and Lee Brice's Emotional New Video for 'I Hope You're Happy Now'

The video for Carly Pearce and Lee Brice's new duet, "I Hope You're Happy Now," is out! Both Pearce and Brice appear in the video, which follows a true-to-life storyline of Pearce, who wrote the song about a man she broke up with so she could date her now-husband, Michael Ray.

"The first time I watched this music video I cried – It is as real and honest as the 'Every Little Thing' video was for me," Pearce told her record label. "This song is so personal and I wanted the visual to truly reflect that part of my story. I feel like this song is the closing piece to this chapter in my life, so the ending is bittersweet, but it leaves things on a positive note. If I were to run into this person today, my hope is that things would play out exactly how the video ends."

Pearce also opened up about the video on social media, sharing why the video was so important to her to make, and make it right.

"I wanted to make the ['I Hope You're Happy Now'{ video as raw and real as the emotion in this song, so I took it back to the vulnerability I did with the 'Every Little Thing' video," Pearce wrote on Instagram. "No matter how you relate to this song, we've all been on one side of the story. So proud of this video and hope you love it as much as I loved making it!"

Pearce wrote "I Hope You're Happy Now" with Luke Combs, Jonathan Singleton and Randy Montana, recalling the man whose heart she broke so she could fall in love with someone else.

"I word-vomited honestly, just something that I had really just been through," Pearce recalled to and other media. "Luke and I were buddies, so he kind of knew because we had played some shows together. I knew that I wanted to write a duet, and I just started to tell my side of something that so many of us go through, which is sometimes you get complacent in a relationship, or you get comfortable, and you're not really in love with this person.

"You're just in love with the idea of being comfortable and with someone, and honestly, that's where I was," she continued. "I was on the back half of realizing, over the course of probably a year of staying with this person and being quiet and keeping it to myself, that I wasn't happy anymore."


Photo Credit: Courtesy of BMLG / John Shearer