Carly Pearce Reveals Her Favorite Travel Hack on the Road

Carly Pearce literally spent almost all of 2018 on the road. The Kentucky native has already toured with Blake Shelton, Thomas Rhett and Rascal Flatts, and is wrapping up her year opening up for Luke Bryan, on his What Makes You Country Tour.

Through it all, Pearce has learned how to pack — and even over-pack — like a pro, all thanks to her keyboard player, Elise.

"Elise came one week that we were out," recalled Pearce. "I'm an over-packer and she — I don't even know what they're called, but they're like cubes that you can pack in, and you can fold and get so much in these little cubes. So I decided to get some and it makes it amazing. You can kind of put your workout clothes in one, put your pajamas in one, put your jeans in one, and it kind of smooshes everything down to where you can fit a lot more, which is also a bad thing."

Pearce unexpectedly just had a day off with her boyfriend, Michael Ray, who is also on the road, opening for Old Dominion on their Happy Endings World Tour. Although they initially planned on going a few weeks without seeing each other, Ray rearranged his schedule to spend time with Pearce, which she shared on social media.

(Photo: Instagram/carlypearce)

"These past few weeks of exhausting travel started to catch up with me," Pearce captioned a photo. "I just dropped this one off at the airport after he decided last minute to stay home an extra day so he could spend 20 hours with me because he knew I needed it. You're truly the best thing that's ever happened to me @michaelraymusic. Also, I don't think you've ever looked hotter than with that coffee mug that says I just want to drink wine and pet my cat.'"

Ray also shared a sappy post about Pearce, alongside a pic of the two of them.

"I got 20 unexpected hours with this beautiful angel yesterday!!" Ray wrote. "We laughed all the laughs, drank all the wine, listened to all the traditional country songs, and I think solved two-thirds of the worlds problems ha. I love you @carlypearce."

(Photo: Instagram/michaelraymusic)

Pearce and Ray went public with their relationship in July, but Pearce had a crush on him for a while, ultimately making the first move by sending him a bunch of direct messages on Instagram. Still, she admits she doesn't exactly remember all the details of their first kiss.


"Our first kiss was to 'She's in Love With the Boy,'" Pearce told All Our Favorite People podcast. "We both joke, and he would say this – we blacked out, and we don't know who kissed who first. We have no idea."

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