Carly Pearce Admits Struggles With Her Body Image Have Been a 'Very Big Part' of Her Life

If there's anything Carly Pearce wants as much as a lengthy career in country music, it's to help other women deal with some of the things she has dealt with, especially with her body image. The 29-year-old continues to open up about the struggle, revealing she has a deep desire to make sure other women know that they are not alone if it is something they also deal with.

"It's been a very big part of my journey," Pearce admitted on Good Morning America. "I've dealt with a lot of things I think all of us deal with." Now that she seems to be on her way to be one of the reigning superstars in country music, Pearce hopes other people know that what they see on TV or in print isn't necessarily real.

"Even though people see me on TV or they see me airbrushed on a magazine or whatever, I have those struggles, too," Pearce acknowledged. "I want to be able to be a voice of humanizing something that we all go through." She has been much more vocal about her struggles with body image recently, also sharing with her record label that it is something she has battled since she was a little girl.

"I've struggled with body image issues my whole life," Pearce revealed. "I've been bullied as a child. I was always the tall girl; I never felt comfortable in my skin. I was told to lose weight in previous shows in Pigeon Forge, and moved to Nashville and still was just scared. And I think that just because somebody sees you as someone who – 'Oh, they're in shape, they run, they eat right, they can fit in little clothes,' that doesn't mean that we don't all struggle with things.

"And I've purposely tried to post a few things that show that I haven't always had it together or that people are mean," she continued. "I just want to raise awareness for people and that we all have that insecurity of not feeling – especially as women – feeling, 'Oh my gosh, am I skinny enough, do I look good in these pants, do I need to change?' I change so many times some nights and just don't feel like going on stage but I have to keep doing it."


Pearce and her husband, Michael Ray, just made their live TV debut performance, with their duet "Finish Your Sentences," on Good Morning America. The song is from Pearce's just-released sophomore album.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jim Spellman