Watch Cam Perform 'Till There's Nothing Left' on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

Talk about a way to celebrate a new single! Cam just dropped "Till There's Nothing Left," from an upcoming new album, which she celebrated by performing the song on Late Night With Seth Meyers. "Till There's Nothing Left" was inspired by Cam's feelings for her husband, Adam Weaver, especially after the arrival of their baby girl, Lucy Marvel, in December.

"It seems simple to say, 'I'm going to love you and give everything of myself until there's nothing left,'" Cam said to PEOPLE. "But you learn just how much you can love someone, especially once you have a baby."

Motherhood has not only deepened Cam's feelings for Weaver, but made her feel almost everything on a deeper level.

"I mean, I cry a lot more now," Cam acknowledged. "Brandi Carlile has a song called 'The Mother.' The first two weeks, I listened to that, and oh my God, I just bawled my eyes out, it's so beautiful. And then you know that Camila Cabello performance at the Grammys with her dad? I can't tell what it feels like to other people, but holy s—!"

The California native had no idea that welcoming a baby into the world would impact so many areas of her life, both personally and professionally.

"It narrows the scope of things that you used to worry about; it kind of gets you focused more — like, 'I don't have the sleep to give that my energy,' which is nice because you get a little bit more of a zero-f—s-to-give sense," Cam acknowledged. "You want to leave this world better for your kid."

Cam had an unexpected C-section after Lucy was found breech at 39 weeks. While that was certainly not how Cam hoped her delivery would go, the 35-year-old learned to rely on her husband in the midst of her recovery.

"I had a great partner," Cam boasted. "My husband would get the baby up, change the diaper, hand her to me to breastfeed, take her back, shush her, and lay her, get her swaddled and get her back in bed," Cam recalled. "It just made me love him so much more. This is my ride-or-die for sure, because we just got s— on together at 2 in the morning — a next level of love."


A new album is scheduled to be released this summer. Download or stream "Till There's Nothing Left" by visiting Cam's website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Andrea Friedrich