Brittany Aldean Shows off Elaborate Details of Sprawling New Home

Brittany Aldean is still several months away from moving into the sprawling new home she will soon share with her husband, Jason Aldean, and children, Memphis and Navy, but she is still keeping up with the progress. The wife of the country music superstar shared a photo of a spiral staircase in her latest Instagram Story.

(Photo: Instagram/brittanyaldean)

"Windows" is all Aldean wrote on the photo, which shows there is still plenty of construction happening in their new mansion.

Only a few weeks ago, the mother of two shared another update of their upcoming abode, showing a long driveway to their large new home.

(Photo: Instagram/brittanyaldean)

"1 year away from moving into the new house," Brittany wrote, adding that she already had plans to honor her dog, Bentley, who passed away last year. "Going to plant a really special tree for Bentley's ashes to be buried by... willow, maybe? Regardless... I can't wait. #thehousethatbuiltme."

The 30-year-old is excited about their new home now, but that wasn't always the case. Aldean previously acknowledged that she had mixed feelings about leaving their former house.

"Tonight we said goodbye to our home for the past three years," Brittany wrote on Instagram. "The home where we brought our first baby, where the dog that I loved more than words spent his last years, where I had my first baby shower, numerous parties just because and built a fish tank that housed so many of my 'angels' (as I call them). I know there's so much that the future holds in other places, but to me, this house was so special... and always will be [heart emoji]."

Later, Aldean admitted that her pregnancy hormones might have contributed to her emotions, since she was pregnant with Navy at the time of the move.

(Photo: Instagram/brittanyaldean)

"Now that I've posted my emotional/hormonally charged feelings for the night, here's a pic of us visiting our new house today and needless to say we are excited," Brittany said. "So many questions about it all... so here we go! This is our dream home which we decided to build about a year ago. It will be WAY more kid friendly (room placement, etc.).

"It'll be done next year and we are in a temporary home until then," she continued. "Our fish tank is staying with our old home and the new owners. I will miss them so much but they are in good hands ... We are excited for what the future holds as far as the home goes ... but for now, we are focusing on having baby number 2. Little Navy baby... You can come out anytime bc mommy is READY."

No word yet on an exact move-in date. Jason will soon hit the road on his Ride All Night Tour, with dad-to-be Kane Brown and Carly Pearce serving as his opening acts. Find dates at his official website.


Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz