Brittany Aldean Says Husband Jason Aldean 'Is Done' Having Kids

Brittany Aldean may be all for welcoming another child into her family, but according to her, her husband, Jason Aldean, doesn't feel the same. "I would to [have more kids]," Brittany told Us Weekly this month. "I've been asking him, 'What would our third baby name be?' He's like, 'Well, we don't have to worry about it because it's not happening,' but I would love another."

Brittany and Jason married in 2015 and share two children, 2-year-old son Memphis and 1-year-old daughter Navy. Jason is also dad to two daughters, 17-year-old Keeley and 12-year-old Kendyl, from his previous marriage. "He has four, so I understand, but I would definitely do another one," Brittany said, adding that she thinks her husband "is done" having kids. "We probably will not be contributing to the new [coronavirus] baby boom." The family has been quarantining at their Florida home and Brittany shared that Memphis and Navy are "definitely interacting" now that they're a bit older.

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"Navy's learning words... she is finally starting to say things," she shared. "Memphis is putting sentences together. Each day, he says a new word or puts a new sentence together. Me and Jason always look at each other and we're like, 'Where did you learn that? What the heck? That was awesome. It's like he's a little grown-up." The 31-year-old added that having this time with her family during quarantine is a "blessing" since her husband is off the road. "They interact, they play, so it's a really special time," she said of her kids, adding, "It's the one positive thing that's actually come out of the quarantine, being able to be there for all these little baby steps, and also Jason being here. Usually right now, he would be on tour, so it is a little bit of a blessing. That's the silver lining in it all. I'm taking every day, I'm soaking it all up because who knows how long this is gonna be this way. I'm enjoying it."


Brittany confirmed that her family also counts singalongs as one of their current activities, but joked that their song of choice is usually "Baby Shark." "Jason has a couple guitars here and I've been making him play some songs," she said. "There's not really much else to do. We do have a lot of singalongs. We like different types of music, so it's fun. We kind of bounce back and forth like, 'Now you play a song,' 'Now you play one,' and we'll try to sing together, it gets fun."