Brad Paisley's Wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley Fawns Over Tim McGraw in Hilarious Clip From His Special

It looks like Brad Paisley has some competition. During the Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special event on Tuesday night, he and the guests went through various skits in between performances. One of which involved his wife, Kimberle Williams-Paisley, and country superstar, Tim McGraw.

The scene featured the "Whiskey Lullaby" singer as the director going through the audition process where Williams-Paisley comes in to read the script she was given. The role, of course, is to play... his mother. After resisting the part, she quickly comes around when she finds out that auditioning for the part of his father -- her husband -- is McGraw.

That's where the skit gets juicy.

"It's really good to see you," Williams-Paisley blushingly says to the "Humble and Kind" singer. Paisley urges them to get going with the scene, to which he asks McGraw what his lines say.

"It says the kids come home and catch us making out on the kitchen table," McGraw jabs.

"No it doesn't say that," responds Paisley.

Williams interjects that "maybe we should do it on the couch." McGraw suggests "on the bar in the kitchen."

Feeling the tables turning, Paisley shakes his head and reiterates those are not the lines. He keeps responding to their comments that "this isn't funny."

Grabbing the page from McGraw, Paisley says, "It doesn't say that on here. This is your handwriting."

McGraw then delivers the line of the skit, laughing after Paisley tells him it isn't his penmanship.

"Actually, Brad, it's Kim's handwriting," McGraw says, leading to Paisley ending the scene and the skit.

The joke didn't end there, either. The two kept their showmance going with a Twitter interaction after the scene played.

Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special featured a few other entertaining moments, including one involving the Jonas Brothers. The "Sucker" band came out and performed one of their first hits with Paisley as they got on stage to sing "Lovebug."

There was also the wild ride that Carrie Underwood took the star of the show on. The former American Idol winner got behind the wheel and took Paisley on an off-roading truck outing.


Speaking with Billboard prior to the special, Paisley did admit he wasn't sure how this skit would go.

"She was so fired up about doing this, and it was neat to watch her take the reins of something like this and really unleash that personality in a great way," he added. "We're dear old friends and at this point I would think it's hard to surprise people with what she is capable of. I think we did it on the show."