Bobby Bones Reveals Real Reason He Believes He Is Still Single (Exclusive)

Radio show host Bobby Bones is opening up about the real reason he believes he is still single. The 39-year-old, who previously dated Lindsay Ell, hasn't hidden his desire for a girlfriend on social media, but says his single status is likely mostly due to his chaotic schedule.

"I was talking with a friend last night," Bones recalled to "We had dinner. She was like, 'What's up? Why don't you have a girlfriend?' And so, I just pulled out my phone – and this is all my fault, by the way, this is not a woe is me – I pulled out my phone, I said, 'Here's my calendar.' I've got myself to a point where I'm in a different city every week."

Bones' busy schedule is due to not only his The Bobby Bones Show, but also his job as a mentor on American Idol, and his comedy tour with his band, The Raging Idiots.

"I have this need to still prove something to myself and to everyone else to keep going," Bones admitted. "I get home for a day and I've not built any sort of friendship circle or girls that I could be dating, and I go 'Wow, I'm so lonely,' and so I'm like, 'Well I don't wanna feel this way so I'm just gonna keep working,' so it's a bad cycle that I have to break. I'm working through it, but I'm super single."

The Dancing With the Stars champ knows he might be caught in a vicious cycle, which he credits to his childhood in Arkansas, raised by a single mother who battled addiction and lived in poverty.

"I think I'm trying to prove something to me and to everyone," Bones admitted. "I'm in a new therapy right now; I met a new therapist, we're working on that. I don't really know what I'm trying to prove quite yet, but I think part of it is, I do want the younger generation to see somebody who came from really humble beginnings and they actually can make it too. That inspires me to inspire people, because again I came from a food stamp family with just a mom who was an addict and so I feel like if I can make it, really anybody can if they put in the time.

"I bet I'm wired to just work hard, because I've had to do that my whole life," he continued. "I'm not supremely talented, I'm not super tall, I can't play sports, I'm not super funny, but what I do is I just show up and I work, and I think that that's missing a bit with the younger generation. Everybody's trying to be an Instagram star 'cause it looks easy, and it's not. And so for me, I'm just gonna keep working and hopefully inspire others to do the same."


Photo Credit: Getty / Tara Ziemba