Blake Shelton Surprises 'The Voice' Fans With Prediction of Who Will Win Season 20

Blake Shelton is the winningest coach in The Voice history with seven season wins, but he appears [...]

Blake Shelton is the winningest coach in The Voice history with seven season wins, but he appears to be preparing to concede his crown to a different coach when Season 20 concludes. During Monday night's show, Shelton was so impressed by coach Kelly Clarkson's team member Kenzie Wheeler that the country star revealed he thinks the 17-year-old will be the one to win it all this season.

Wheeler participated in a Knockout round performance against Avery Roberson, singing Luke Combs' "Beer Never Broke My Heart." After Wheeler sang, Shelton immediately jumped out of his chair and onto the stage, where he examined the Florida native's mullet. "You're probably going to win this show," he said. "And I wanna know exactly what's going on up here, is what I want to know… You're probably going to win The Voice, and that hairstyle is gonna be trending, and I want to be in on it."

Had it not been for Clarkson using her one block against Shelton during the blind auditions, Wheeler would likely be on Team Blake, something Clarkson admitted she felt a little guilty about. "I have one question: How incredibly mad were you at me for blocking you from getting on Blake's team?" she asked Wheeler. "I mean, he was my first choice," the contestant replied. Later in the show, Clarkson told him, "I watched you in rehearsal, and I was like, 'Oh no, he's like a real Blake fan, and I just totally took that dream away!'"

"What a shame it is Kelly blocked me, and I didn't get my chance," Shelton said. Clarkson chose Wheeler to move forward on the show, an unsurprising choice after the praise the teen received from all of the coaches, including Nick Jonas and John Legend, the latter of whom called Wheeler "a star."

Though he acknowledged that Clarkson may have a good shot of beating him this season, Shelton is ready to make another run for the title during Season 21 this fall when new coach Ariana Grande joins the show. During a recent Q&A with Legend and Jonas, Shelton joked that he's "excited about Ariana joining the show because it's somebody new for me to beat."

"I'm tired of beating John every season — and Nick," he continued, via PEOPLE, calling Jonas "the easiest coach I have ever beat in 20 seasons of doing this show." "The easiest defeat of my career was Nick Jonas," he said. "So I'm looking for a challenge. I think Ariana could be a challenge. I'm looking forward to beating her though."