Blake Shelton Jokes He Is Gwen Stefani's Fashion Designer for 'The Voice' Finale

Ahead of the Season 17 finale of The Voice, Blake Shelton joked that he is his longtime girlfriend Gwen Stefani's fashion designer. The two paired up in a hilarious clip, where Shelton tried, unsuccessfully, to design the perfect outfit for Stefani's final show on The Voice.

As Stefani browses through outfits, debating what to wear, Shelton breezes in, dressed to the nines, complete with leather gloves.

"Blake, did anyone see you come in?" a started Stefani said as Shelton entered her dressing area. "If anyone knew that you secretly designed my wardrobe, I would be so embarrassed."

After rifling through the clothes Stefani already had, Shelton created an array of outfits that Stefani modeled, including a denim outfit with red furry chaps and a mullet, a white snowsuit, a la Little Bo Beep, a Christmas present, an outfit decked in multi-colored Christmas lights, and an actual Christmas tree. Exasperated, Stefani finally chooses something for herself: a festive pale blue dress.

Each of the four judges, including John Legend and Kelly Clarkson, had one member of their team heading into the finale, with Clarkson's Jake Hoot ultimately crowned the winner.

Season 18 will continue with Shelton, Clarkson and Legend, but with Nick Jonas replacing Stefani –– and Shelton has already promised he won't make it easy on Jonas.

"I'm gonna take it out on Nick Jonas," Shelton jokingly vowed to Extra. "He's gonna be sitting there, new guy … I'm gonna bully him a little bit, to be honest."

Stefani decided not to return to The Voice for Season 18 so she can pursue other interests, including her Las Vegas Just a Girl residency, but her departure comes with mixed emotions.

"We've had so much fun together," Stefani said. "What a great group of human beings. It never gets old, this show … To be back four times, it’s a miracle. Hopefully, maybe I will be back one day, we will see … If not, thank you guys for watching."

The blind auditions for Season 18 have already begun, and Jonas certainly isn't earning any warm feelings from Shelton.


"I'm starting to hate the guy because I'm competing with him now," Shelton teased. "He is a tough, tough guy to go against. When you turn your chair around and there's a young person up there, and they're trying to choose between me and then Nick Jonas sitting down there, I'm screwed almost every time. So yeah, he can kiss my a–– till the season's over."

Photo Credit: Getty / NBC