Ashley McBryde Reveals How She Is Coping During Coronavirus Outbreak (Exclusive)

Being forced to self-isolate amid the coronavirus outbreak is especially hard for artists like Ashley McBryde, who are used to performing night after night before their fans, and instead are forced to spend time at home. The Arkansas native admits she has struggled with being alone, although she is finding several unique ways to fill her time.

"This is so terrible," McBryde admitted to "All this virus stuff is such crap. I was hoping it was just going to be like a, 'Never mind. Everybody's fine.' I've got a guitar hanging on the wall right now. I play music, play music, play music. I make candles when I'm stressed out. My house always smells like 14 different things because I'm like, 'Let's make whiskey scented candles today.'

"I'm honestly not sure what's going to happen to me emotionally and spiritually while we're not working," she added. I'm a racehorse and racehorses don't just run now and then."

McBryde is also thinking about her band and crew, who aren't making any money while off the road.

"I don't know what's going to happen to my guys either," she admitted. "I kind of feel like we should quarantine ourselves together and then you add another record."

McBryde, who did stream a live performance for her fans from her house on Monday, March 23, is nominated for three ACM Awards, which have been rescheduled from April 5 until Sept. 16, due to coronavirus. Although the news is disappointing for everyone, including McBryde, she is fully supportive of the decision.

"I can't argue with it," McBryde previously told "Whatever we have to do to keep it from becoming a really, really, really bad emergency is what we're going to have to do. And if I can't work, that's okay. I'll just try not to spend so much money on Amazon's movies."

Two of McBryde's ACM nods were for "Girl Goin' Nowhere," which she, thankfully, was able to joke about.

"I joked, I said, 'Man, they'll do anything to keep 'Girl Goin' Nowhere' from winning this award.'" McBryde quipped.

McBryde's sophomore album, Never Will, wil be released on April 3. The record includes her current single, "One Night Standards." Updates to her schedule will be posted to McBryde's website as available.


Photo Credit: Getty / Image Group LA