Jason Aldean's Wife: What to Know About Brittany Kerr

Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr reportedly had a pretty rocky start to their relationship. But since announcing they were dating and later marrying in March 2015, their romance has been a bit of a fairytale.

Ahead of Aldean's big night at the 54th annual ACM Awards, where he'll walk away as Artist of the Decade, Kerr will be by his side and supporting him as she has become known for doing.

Before meeting Aldean, Brittany Kerr, 30, was a dancer/cheerleader in the NBA with the Charlotte Bobcats. And later, she actually auditioned for American Idol in 2012 according to Taste of Country. Kerr actually managed to wow both Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson during her performance of "Spoiled" by Joss Stone, she didn't convince Jennifer Lopez too well. Kerr made it to the next round, but J-Lo's prediction that the blonde bombshell wouldn't survive a week came true.

She had also previously entered the 2010 Victoria's Secret Model Search contest, placing in the top 80 according to E! News. While she didn't become a professional with the company, Kerr wrote a post on her website noting that modeling was her "secret passion."

Aldean met Kerr when he was still married to his previous wife, Jessica Ussery. The country superstar has two children from his first marriage, Keeley, 15, and Kendyl, 10, and had been together for 11 years when he was spotted together with Kerr in 2012.

(Photo: Brittany Kerr / Instagram)

The singer and Ussery divorced in 2013, opening the door for Kerr to begin dating Aldean amid harsh criticism from fans.

Despite this, the couple couldn't be happier and were engaged by 2014. Their marriage in Cancun, Mexico in 2015 was a happy day for both, with Kerr going it the "best day of my life" and echoing Aldean's thoughts about the day.

"This is the best day ever — I've got my girl here, my friends, my family — it's the best day ever," Aldean told Us Weekly at the time.

It wasn't long before the couple was announcing their first child, Memphis, who was later born in December 2017. The birth of their son was a healing moment for the couple in the aftermath of the tragic Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting that killed dozens in Las Vegas.

Aldean was on stage at the time and Kerr was 30 weeks pregnant at the time. She still debated running to the stage for her husband at the time according to Country Living.

"As you can imagine my first instinct was to run to [Jason] and his was the same," Kerr wrote following the shooting. "As we laid behind equipment on stage with some of our road family, bullets flying past...all I could think was, 'I never even got to hold my baby.' We made sure others knew we loved them and then ran for cover where we stayed for the next couple of hours."

(Photo: Brittany Kerr / Instagram)

Through the tragedy, the couple was brought closer together and the birth of Memphis made it easier to cope. Both soon followed that with the announcement of another pregnancy in July 2018. Daughter Navy Rose was then welcomed in February, making 2019 a very special year for both Kerr and Aldean.

Kerr also gets along well with Aldean's older children, showing that she has managed to turn a negative start into something amazing with the country superstar. She talked about being a mom in an chat with Country Living recently.


"Becoming a mom in general has been kind of a shock, just because our lifestyle is so busy. [Jason] is on the road a majority of the year so I'm just used to going along with him and traveling, and kind of doing whatever we want," Kerr recently told Country Living. "So when we had kids, everything changed. But being a mom is such an amazing thing."

The budding model and mom will be by her husband's side during his ACM honor on Sunday night and likely showing off on the red carpet ahead of the show.