Carly Pearce on Being Honest About Her Insecurities: 'I Want People to See That I Struggle'

Carly Pearce is getting candid about the struggles she, and likely plenty of other women, face. The "Closer to You" singer has become more and more open about her own insecurities, which she admits isn't easy, but she does so her fans can see she really is just like everyone else.

"I think what I do for a living is really hard to not compare yourself to others," Pearce told The Kitchn. "We’re on stage 24/7 and everyone has an opinion. Social media standards have also created a lot of lies. I want people to see that I struggle. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized that caring and loving your body means being thankful for the body that you have.”

Pearce has come a long way since where she was a little over a year ago, which she credits at least in part to the support of her fiancé, Michael Ray.

"I think that with this industry, authenticity wins always, and vulnerability, and that's how we've always approached our relationship," Pearce told "He really has helped me to become the best version of myself and maybe love my body more than I ever thought that I could."

The 29-year-old admits self-acceptance was a hard-won battle for her, but she is grateful to have come out on the other side.

"As a woman you have struggles, and I struggled a lot in my early twenties of trying to figure out a balance of working out and eating right, and all of the thing as a child I was bullied for," Pearce said. "I was really tall and really awkward, just like so many of us are. I just saw that and I just wanted to be a voice to anybody who struggles, and I saw how many people struggle with that balance of loving yourself.

"Loving yourself doesn't mean you have starve yourself or be super-skinny and you can find somebody to build you up in that way," she added.


Pearce and Ray are expected to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony later this year. Pearce is currently out on the road with Jason Aldean and Kane Brown, on Aldean's Ride All Night Tour, which will wrap up in October. Her sophomore album is finished, but the details have yet to be announced. Find tour and album updates by visiting Pearce's website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Roger Kisby