Kane Brown Offers More Wedding Details: 'It's Coming Up This Year'

Kane Brown is offering up a few details about his upcoming wedding to Katelyn Jae, hinting that the nuptials will happen in the near future.

(Photo: Instagram/kanebrown_music)

"It's coming up this year," the 24-year-old tells Taste of Country. "We're excited about it."

Brown, who says he's "looking forward to having a good time," says he doesn't want their guests having too much fun, which is why they aren't having an open bar.

"We don't want people to get trashed at the wedding," explains Brown. "We're not even having liquor. We're just having beer and wine. We got Dee Jay Silver as our DJ."

The singer might make a living writing and singing songs, but he admits they still don't know what their first dance will be.

"We picked a song and then she was like, 'So what's our first dance going to be?'" Brown recalls. "I was like, 'I thought we picked this months ago.' I guess it's changed now. She wanted to dance to 'What's Mine is Yours,' which is my song. It is weird. That was my plan originally, but the more I thought about it, I was like no.'"

Brown, who has previously said his wedding will take place in October, won't have much time to help with the wedding planning. He is currently on the road with Chris Young, on Young's Losing Sleep World Tour, and working on a new album, the follow-up to his eponymous freshman debut, where he says he is taking more initiative with writing his own songs.

“I started having fun with it and not looking at it as a job, but looking at it more as you have the opportunity,” Brown recently shared with PopCulture.com and other media outlets. “My whole life’s changed just with how much fun I’ve had. I’ve just been writing a lot, getting ready for the next album.”

“It’s a very different writing process," he continues. "I’m trying to make it sound like something that’s not even close to anything in Nashville. It’s kind of got an R&B feel, but [producer] Dan Huff is so good at bringing it and making it country. It’s a different strategy, but it’s going to either be a hit or miss.”


Brown just earned a No. 1 hit with his latest single, "Heaven," which is available for download on iTunes. A list of all of his upcoming shows can be found on his website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/kanebrown_music