ZZ Top's Dusty Hill Had an Amazing 'King of the Hill' Moment

ZZ Top's Dusty Hill passed away this week, and it has had fans remembering some of his most epic career moments, such as the time he had an amazing King of the Hill cameo. Back in 2007, Hill turned up on the show, voicing an animated version of himself who was a cousin of the show's main character, Hank Hill. The cameo came about because King of the Hill creator Mike Judge is both from Texas, just like ZZ Top, and used to play bass in a band when he was younger.

Judge idolized Hill and the other ZZ Top members — Billy Gibbons and Frank Beard — and once included their music video for "Legs" in his first big TV show: Beavis and Butt-Head. Coincidentally, Ultimate Classic Rock notes that Hill once told the outlet that he "was a big Beavis and Butt-Head fan." The iconic bass player added, "When I heard that 'Legs' was going to be in an episode of the show, I was thrilled about it and felt it was something of an honor."

Once the opportunity to be a guest star on King of the Hill came around, it seemed that the stars had aligned, as Hill had also been thinking how great it would be for him to appear on the show. "Great and/or twisted minds think alike," he shared with UCR. "I say this because long before they asked me to portray Hank's cousin Dusty, I was a big fan of the show."

He continued, "I'm from near Dallas, where the show is set, and I told my wife they should ask me to play a relative since the last name was already there. I mean, I know those characters as real people who I grew up with, including Bobby. You know: 'That boy just ain't right.'"

Sadly, Hill died on Tuesday at the age 72. No cause of death has been reported at this time. In a statement on the terrible news, Hill's ZZ Top bandmates said, "We are saddened by the news today that our Compadre, Dusty Hill, has passed away in his sleep at home in Houston."


The statement added, "We, along with legions of ZZ Top fans around the world, will miss your steadfast presence, your good nature and enduring commitment to providing that monumental bottom to the 'Top.' We will forever be connected to that 'Blues Shuffle in C.' You will be missed greatly, amigo."