Will Ferrell Car Crash: Listen to the 911 Calls

Multiple 911 calls reveal more details about the serious car crash Will Ferrell was involved in on [...]

Multiple 911 calls reveal more details about the serious car crash Will Ferrell was involved in on Thursday evening, with one caller saying the vehicle flipped over a median.

Ferrell and another passenger were released from an Orange County hospital uninjured, according to a statement from Ferrell's talent agency, but the driver of the car and another passenger remained in the hospital in stable condition as of Friday.

Listen to the 911 calls in the above video.

According to four 911 calls published by TMZ, the dark SUV Ferrell was riding in was hit by another car, flipped and landed on its side on the I-5 freeway in Orange County, California. The crash occurred around 11 p.m. local time, so callers had a hard time discerning any other details in the dark.

Callers expressed concern for those involved, with one describing it as a "really bad accident." At the time, callers were not aware it was Ferrell who was riding inside the flipped SUV.

TMZ reports that a Toyota side-swiped Ferrell's vehicle before it flipped and landed on its side. In video footage from the news outlet, Ferrell can be seen talking on the phone while being loaded into an ambulance and holding his head.

In the same video footage, an SUV appeared badly damaged, with the windshield and two windows completely shattered. The front grill of the vehicle was bent inward and the side appeared damaged as well.

"While traveling back to Los Angeles after hosting a voter registration event in San Diego, a car carrying Will Ferrell and three of his colleagues was struck on the freeway by another vehicle," the statement from Ferrell's reps at United Talent Agency read on Friday.

"Will and his colleague, Andrew Steele, were unhurt and have been released from an Orange County hospital. Will's longtime driver, Mark Thompson, and his other colleague Carolina Barlow, remain hospitalized in stable condition. Will is staying close by as his friends are being treated, and has expressed his deep gratitude to the first responders who were immediately at the scene and to the hospital team that took such great care of them. He's also grateful for all the well wishes he and his friends are receiving."

The San Diego voter registration event was hosted by Funny or Die, with Ferrell dressed at the event as his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy.

One witness told TMZ that the woman in Ferrell's vehicle was more seriously injured and was bleeding profusely on the scene.

Police say drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the crash; no one has been arrested.