Two More Women Accuse Nelly of Sexual Assault

Two more women have accused Nelly of sexual assault while testifying in Monique Greene's lawsuit against the 43-year-old rapper.

Greene first made her accusations against Nelly in October of 2017, and the rapper was arrested shortly thereafter. She dropped the case when the public backlash of accusing a celebrity became too much for her to handle, but when Nelly threatened to launch a countersuit against her, Greene filed a new lawsuit for both sexual assault and defamation.

The amended civil lawsuit, obtained by reporters from NPR, was filed in the Superior Court of King County, Washington, on Jan. 22. It contains no criminal charges, but asks the judge to prevent Nelly — whose real name is Cornell Haynes Jr. — from assaulting more women in the future. In addition, Greene seeks damages for her pain and trauma, as well as damage to her reputation.

The new documents contain testimony from two more alleged victims of Nelly, both of whom asked to remain anonymous. Their alleged assaults both took place in the U.K., one before and one after the incident with Greene on Oct. 6.

Greene and her lawyer argue that the similarities in the stories told by the three victims demonstrates a pattern of assault. Greene believes that the assaults are premeditated and follow a pattern that has worked for the rapper in the past, consisting of isolating women, exposing himself, and intimidating them into sexual acts.

Warning: there are graphic descriptions of sexual assault below.

One of the women, identified in the court documents as "Jane Doe no. 1," is a U.S. military service member stationed in the U.K. She is married with children, and was out with friends at one of Nelly's shows in June of 2016 when the rapper invited them to a "VIP area" backstage. She says that Nelly abruptly grabbed her leg and shoved his hand up her dress without her consent. Jane Doe no. 1 says that she firmly removed Nelly's hand and got up to leave, but the rapper argued and tried to force her to stay. Ultimately she left before the situation could go any further.

The attack described by "Jane Doe no. 2" is much more graphic. She claims that she and a group of friends saw Nelly perform in Essex in December. She was invited to his dressing room, but her friends were prevented from accompanying her by security guards. She says that once they were alone, Nelly dropped his pants and began touching himself while trying to remove her clothes and kiss her without consent. She says that she tried continually to "evade and refuse him," but he overpowered her, grabbing her hand and putting it on his penis.


Jane Doe no. 2 says that when she refused him again, Nelly made a fist. She asked if he was going to hit her and the rapper allegedly responded "No, I'm just frustrated, I'm not used to not getting my way, just do it." She says that he forced her down and put his penis into her mouth. At that point she was finally able to get out of his reach and flee the room. She notes that she "considered going to the police but felt that she wouldn't be believed."

Nelly and his representatives have not responded to the two new accusations included in Greene's lawsuit. The rapper did, however, file his own countersuit on Friday, alleging that Greene's story was fabricated to damage his reputation.