Twitter Ridicules Hugh Jackman's Reaction to Losing out to James Franco

Hugh Jackman had mixed feelings when the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy went to James Franco last night, and Twitter did not fail to notice.

Jackman's distant expression quickly went viral. Users tweeted it as a universal reaction for any disappointing or disheartening event.

Of course, fans may be reading into Jackman's expression due to the charged atmosphere at last night's awards ceremony. Many, if not most, of the biggest stars showed up in black last night, symbolizing their solidarity with victims of systemic sexual harassment and the Time's Up campaign.

Franco's victory may not reflect well on him, as it ultimately drew attention to the fact that there are several accusations of sexual misconduct against him which he has not answered for.

Add to that the presence of Tommy Wiseau, who Franco portrayed in his winning role in The Disaster Artist, on stage. Many fans thought it was a bad look for Franco when Wiseau reached for the microphone and Franco pulled it away from him, laughing.


For his part, Jackman made no comment on his dropped-jaw expression. While he may not have gotten the nod for his performance in The Greatest Showman, the songwriters won the award for Best Original Song, and he congratulated them on Twitter this morning.