TV Host Sarah Lane Reveals She Started Chemotherapy Amid Breast Cancer Treatment

TV host Sarah Lane is documenting her battle against breast cancer. Lane, who first shared in August 2021 that she was diagnosed with an invasive ductal carcinoma, revealed in a Friday update that she has started chemotherapy treatment. The Daily Tech News Show and Have Such a Good Day co-host shared the update on Twitter, where she posted a photo from the hospital as she received her first treatment.

In the post, Lane, also known for hosting G4TV's Attack of the Show!, announced that she "started chemotherapy today" as she invited her followers to take part in an AMA (ask me anything" session to help "get this party poppin." Lane's followers were quick to jump in with responses, ranging from questions about her treatment to requests about her likes and dislikes, with many sending well wishes as the beloved host continues her battle against cancer. Asked by one fan about her "hair plan" as she begins chemotherapy, Lane shared that she "opted to try a cold cap to help prevent hair loss." When another person responded by sharing that they recently completed their third chemotherapy treatment, Lane asked if it has "worsened/changed each time." That same user replied with their experience, also giving Lane some tips, to which the host expressed her gratitude, adding, "I did a LOT of (probably haphazard) research before today [and] already have had 2 major surgeries, so this didn't seem so bad."

The Friday update came a little more than a year months after Lane first revealed her diagnosis. In an August 2021 update, Lane revealed "some personal and unfortunately not great news – I have breast cancer." At the time, Lane said she was diagnosed with an invasive ductal carcinoma," noting that "it's the most common breast cancer women have, and although I caught it early, there are some questions about how far it may have spread."

"I'm in a bit of a holding pattern because there are tests and results yet to be dealt with before I have surgery. But I will need to be away for a little while. That won't be tomorrow, but it will be soon," she continued. "I wanted to let all of you know because I needed to get it off my chest (haha, jokes!). This is a very scary time for me and I appreciate all of your support and patience while I navigate next steps."

Lane is a TV personality best known today as the co-host of Daily Tech News Show and Have Such a Good Day, with previous hosting gigs on TechTV's The Screen Savers and G4's AOTS. She also produces and edits podcasts, including Unfinished Biz and It Never Gets Old.