Exclusive: Lisa Bloom 'Delighted' by Trey Songz Arrest for Felony Domestic Violence

Trey Songz turned himself into the Los Angeles Police Department to face a felony domestic violence charge against Andrea Buera on Monday, TMZ reports, and the high-powered lawyer representing Buera welcomed the development.

"We are delighted at the news that Trey Songz has been arrested for felony domestic assault against my client Andrea Buera," Lisa Bloom exclusively told PopCulture.com. "Andrea will fully cooperate with the investigation and is ready, willing, and able to testify at trial, should that be necessary. We urge any witnesses to contact the Los Angeles police."

The singer surrendered at the precinct alongside his attorney Shawn Holley around 6 a.m. and was released shortly after 8 a.m. after posting $50,000 bond, the outlet reports.

Songz was charged after his longtime friend Buera claims he brutally assaulted her at a Hollywood Hills party in February. She alleges that Songz got upset because she was talking to another man, so he beat her until his security guard pulled him off, then he tossed her two cell phones off a cliff when she attempted to call an Uber.

Around the time he surrendered for booking, the musician went against his lawyers and management to tweet, "I am being lied on and falsely accused for someone's personal gain."

Buera went to the hospital after Songz's alleged attack on Feb. 17, where she was diagnosed with a concussion and had several bruises on her body. She also filed a police report.

Bureau's high-powered Hollywood attorney Lisa Bloom, lawyer at The Bloom Firm, hosted a news conference earlier in March to show her client's cooperation in the case and to garner witnesses who might come forward to testify against Songz or provide new information.

"I believe there is one person out there with a conscience who saw what happened, who is opposed to violence against women, who is willing to talk to us and we want to talk to that person or persons," Bloom told PopCulture.com exclusively, adding that they also called for other potential victims to come forward during the conference.

Meanwhile, Songz also claims that witnesses at the party could refute Buera's allegations, which Bloom expected in a case dealing with an accused celebrity.

Bloom told PopCulture.com that when she looked into the police report filed on the alleged incident, she noticed a chilling pattern of violence by Songz, who was already on probation in Michigan for assaulting a police officer.

"When the police failed to arrest him a few days [after the police report was filed], [Buera] came to me and I looked into it and discovered that he has a long, sad history of physically assaulting women, according to a number of women, as well as men," she said.

Bloom said Tuesday that two other women contacted her to allege physical assault by the rapper following the news conference.

"At this point we're keeping their names confidential," she said. "So far, they come across as very credible and they say they have evidence in support."

The lawyer said they also believe they have found a witness of the alleged beating, which could drastically improve the prosecutor's case to offer "justice" for Buera and for Songz "to get the help that he needs, which is going to have to be court-ordered."

In addition to an update on the legality of the case, Bloom previously detailed to PopCulture.com how Buera is coping with the alleged incident.


"I'm very proud of my client for standing up for her rights immediately after the experience that she says was one of the worst in her life," Bloom said. "She's continuing to go to doctor and therapist appointments this week. She hasn't been able to work since that awful night."

A court date in the case is scheduled for March 27, though Bloom said it may be suspended based on new witness testimonies.