Travis Barker's Daughter Covers up All His Face Tattoos in Makeover Video

Travis Barker just had his face tattoos covered up by his daughter Alabama Luella Barker. In a [...]

Travis Barker just had his face tattoos covered up by his daughter Alabama Luella Barker. In a makeover video, his 15-year-old daughter attempted to find the perfect match of foundation to cover up two different tattoos, and after a few tries, she managed to do just that. During their video clip, Barker seems completely at ease with his daughter covering up tattoos of the word "Blessed" and an anchor below and beside each eye.

"Watch me cover my dad's tattoos! My dad let me give him a makeover," she captioned the video. "Covered up his face tattoos with @kydbeauty's new Good Apple Foundation. The coverage of this formula had us both shocked..." she wrote before tagging her father's Instagram account.

Several of her fans loved the video, taking to the comment section to show their love and support. One person wrote, "You're so cute Bama love this video! 'Handker'," while someone else said, "Omg this the cutest thing ever." Others were joking about how she didn't know one of his tattoos was an anchor, playfully commenting, "Bama it's anchor! I'm dead!" In the video, her dad corrected her by telling her it was an anchor, then she still mispronounced it and started laughing.

The video showed sweet moments of the father-daughter duo. Barker even jokingly attempted to bite her the second she started to cover up his neck tattoos. It gave fans a quick inside look into their playful and loving relationship.

Over the years, the famous drummer has continued to add ink to his body and last week was no different. The 45-year-old added a new tattoo to his collection with a design that's inspired by True Romance, the words that read "You're So Cool!" being the title of the lead track from the 1993 film soundtrack by Hans Zimmer according to PEOPLE.

Recently, Barker sparked a new romance with Kourtney Kardashian that has everyone talking. The two have been friends for years and so have their kids, living on the same street as one another in Calabasas, California. Although rumors have swirled in the past about the two, they made it Instagram official in February and fans have been gushing ever since. Right at the moment when Kardashian's followers thought that she may be getting back together with her ex, Scott Disick, she switched things up and surprised them with her new love interest in Barker. Ever since, the two seem to be enjoying their time together.