Teenager Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Adult Film Star Aline Rios

A teenager was arrested in Nilopolis, Brazil on June 7 for allegedly murdering adult film star Aline Rios, whose real name is Luane Honorio de Souza, in May 2020. De Souza was 28. The two women reportedly knew each other for several years before de Souza invited Vitoria Roberta Alves da Silva, 19, to live at her house in Nilopolis. The alleged murder happened just five days after da Silva began living with de Souza.

Da Silva allegedly stabbed de Souza in the neck. De Souza spent three months in a Duque de Caxias hospital before she succumbed to her injuries, reports Yahoo! News. Hours after she allegedly stabbed de Souza, da Silva allegedly began trying to sell de Souza's belongings on the street. Da Silva confessed to killing her roommate, telling police she did so in self-defense. However, de Souza's relatives believe there was a financial motive. Police also noted that da Silva has been charged with drug trafficking and vehicle theft in the past.

During a hearing in Rio de Janeiro, the judge in the case ruled that da Silva will remain in custody. Judge Alberto Frago described the suspect as "extremely violent" based on her statement to police, reports TV And Famous. Da Silva told police she could not kill de Souza because "she was tired of beating her."

"The accused testified at police headquarters when the victim was still hospitalized, describing the circumstances of the crime in a cold and apparently unrepentant manner," the judge said. "She admitted to having stabbed the victim with a knife, including in her neck, and also reported that after the stab wounds, he took the victim to the backyard, where he applied numerous stones. He also stressed that his intention was to kill the victim and that he only couldn't because he was tired of beating him so much."


De Souza was from Rio de Janeiro and began acting in adult films in 2016 after she appeared in a reality TV show called Casa das Brasileirinhas. That same year, she won a best new starlet award at the Brazilian Sexy Hot Awards. She was buried on Sept. 3, 2020, two days after her death, without a funeral service.