'Teen Mom OG' Star Bristol Palin Reportedly Still Fighting With Sister Willow After Bristol Skips Sister's Wedding

Bristol Palin and her sister, Willow are reportedly on bad terms as the Teen Mom OG star did not attend Willow's wedding.

Palin skipped her younger sister's wedding back in September, according to a report by Radar Online, because the two were fighting at the time. The gesture did not do much to help their hopes of reconciliation, as insiders say Willow is now furious, feeling that she will never make up with her older sister.

“Willow is so beaten down by her siblings, especially Bristol, that she doesn’t even expect anything anymore,” a source close to her said.

The insider went on to say that the Palin sisters have not gotten along for many years, despite some of their on-screen affection. However, the breaking point came just one day before the wedding on Sept. 29. Palin reportedly found out at the last minute that Willow had invited their brother, Track, who has been accused of three serious assaults.

At that point Palin, who was meant to serve as a bridesmaid in the wedding, abandoned the ceremony altogether, just one night beforehand. Ironically, their embattled brother did not make it either, as he was reportedly arrested for battery against his ex-girlfriend that morning.

Still, the source said that all of this was just the tipping point in an already fraught relationship. Palin is 27 years old, while her sister is 24, and the insider said things have been tense between them long before the wedding.

“Bristol and Willow have a really weird past,” they explained. “Bristol never really cared for Willow. She’d take Willow to parties with her, and then Bristol would completely not take care of her or keep an eye on her.”

Willow is also reportedly hurt by her lack of involvement in Teen Mom OG since Palin joined the cast. It has been several weeks since she was even glimpsed on the show, while their younger sister, Piper Palin, appears often. Just last week, Palin and Piper spoke through a video chat, addressing the terror of the family stalker.

"So, last night was my first night in the house," Palin said at the time. "I got a text message pretty late from Dakota, saying that his house had got broken into."


"That guy's on the freaking loose, that is so scary," Piper replied.

The scene was filmed back in August, just after Palin moved. Shortly afterward, the stalker, Shawn Christy, was finally arrested. He had been stalking the Palin family — particularly Palin — for many years, but authorities finally caught up with him after he made public threats against President Donald Trump.