Tana Mongeau Lashes out at Critics Calling Wedding to Jake Paul 'Fake'

Tana Mongeau has a message for online trolls doubting her upcoming nuptials to Jake Paul. The [...]

Tana Mongeau has a message for online trolls doubting her upcoming nuptials to Jake Paul. The 21-year-old YouTube star took to Twitter Thursday to lash out at haters who still believe the relationship between herself and her fellow YouTuber is not real.

"I'm feeling feisty: I don't care if u think my wedding's real. I don't care if u think my marriage is real. I don't care if u think Jake and I don't love each other. I don't care if u think getting married fast is a bad idea. I don't care if you think it's gonna last. OOPS!" Tana wrote on social media.

The couple has received plenty of criticism online since announcing their sudden engagement during her 21st birthday celebration in Las Vegas in June, just two months after they started seeing each other.

Fans of the social media influencer did not hold back on their opinions, replying to her message with about as much attitude as she displayed in her original tweet.

"your wedding isn't real. your marriage isn't real. you and jake do not love each other. getting married fast is a bad idea and it's not gonna last. OOPS," one user wrote in a tweet that garnered 1,800 likes in one day.

"It's truly insane that youre trying to convince people that this is a real marriage & yall are in love. It's CLEARLY for clout. In the words of @adam22 'there's only one god that tana worships and that god is clout' Everyone knows you do everything for clout, just live your truth," another user commented.

"As long as you're happy! You deserve all the hype and you deserve the biggest happiest wedding ever, I'm so excited to see you guys' future," another user replied with a supportive tone.

Mongeau's message also came a few days after Jake's brother Logan Paul admitted he also is unsure about the true intentions behind the couple's relationship.

"I don't know what's going on there [with Jake and Tana], man," Logan said during a recent interview with Barstool Sports' podcast, KFC Radio, as Entertainment Tonight first reported.

Logan also explained how influencers can benefit from fake relationships.

"There's no exchange [of money] but you can make money together. Like, say you make merch together, you probably split, like, 50/50 split," Logan said. "I hope so. Like, what if my brother's, like, doing 80/20 with Tana? Oh, Tana, no! Tana, don't do it! Damn, he been doing 80/20. He's been doing 80/20."

Regardless of what people say, Mongeau and Jake are set to tie the knot during a lavish Las Vegas ceremony Sunday, July 28.