'Supernatural' Star Jared Padalecki Reveals Transformation Photos After Shaving His 'Holiday Beard'

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki recently revealed some surprising transformation photos, after shaving the "holiday beard" he'd been growing. In the post, Padalecki shared before and after photos of the facial hair that he'd been growing since the beginning of the holiday season, revealing a noticeable difference in the after photo.

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"Farewell final holiday beard. You've been a close friend these last 15 years... (like, REALLY close... in all honesty, you're right up in my face sometimes). Hello Sam Winchester. Take us home," he wrote in the post's caption.

Many of Padalecki's fans and followers have since commented on the post, with one writing, "Omg I was missing this pretty face."

"Jared, you could of just asked politely for my wig sir!!!" someone else joked, while another user commented, "Why am I crying over a beard?!"

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Ahead of shaving his beard off, Padalecki to to Twitter to share his quite lengthy and unusual list of hopes for 2020.

In a foreshadowing tweet, the actor wrote, "HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wanted to send some holiday love and say, though I know this year will have its difficulties (saying goodbye to something I love so deeply), I'm honored to be finishing this journey with y'all by my side. Stay tuned tomorrow for my 2020 #resolutions."

He eventually shared the complete list with his followers, starting off with, "As promised. My #2020resolutions (well, the ones that i didn't mess up yet)," and then sharing the list which is as follows:

"1) Read More Books (pictures NOT mandatory. Just helpful)
Note* Learn to read first.

2) Stop abbreviating June and July (honestly man, it's one freaking letter)

3) make more use of the word 'cur.'

4) Stop saying 'molasses' so often (who does that???)

5) Raise awareness and funds for charities that are meaningful to me (MORE ON THAT TO COME!)

6) Make amends with 'Me Shuh' (double check spelling of her name first)

7) Take more pictures (helps stave off memory loss)

8) Speak in the third person more often (that always makes Jared feel better)

9) Play more guitar (or, invent a guitar that plays itself. Don't tell anyone, obvs.)

10) Reply 'new phone. who dis?' more often (*note - also funny in person)

11) Walk along the Range. In Texas.

12) Apologize to the kid from grade school that you never found during Hide and Seek. He's probably still in the same spot.

13) Google search that new birthmark that just showed up. Borrow computer from [dicksp8jr]

14) Stop procrastinating (starting tomorrow)

15) Tweet more

16) Become better at math (see above)

17) Always respond to 'Are too!' with 'D2!!!' (Make sure to yell it, lest they not hear you)

18) On second thought, scratch #12.... that may be a crime scene now.

19) Bear suits are funny (but not actual bears. They're terrifying.)


And, finally, 20) Give 100% of everything I have to the final 3 months of filming Supernatural. My fellow cast deserves it. My crew deserves it. The #spnfamily deserves it. Sam Winchester deserves it," he concluded his list.

Supernatural is currently in its final season, and is scheduled to air its series finale on May 18.