Snoop Dogg's Sexual Assault Accuser Files to Have Lawsuit Dismissed

Snoop Dogg can breathe a sigh of relief as the woman who accused him of sexual assault has filed paperwork to dismiss the lawsuit. In February, a woman, listed as Jane Joe, claimed that "Drop It Like it's Hot" rapper attacked her in a studio in 2013. The woman filed suit against Snoop, his longtime associate Bishop Don "Magic" Juan as well several of Snoop's companies he has including Gerber & Co, Inc.; the Broadus Collection, LLC; Casa Verde Capital, LLC; and Merry Jane Events, Inc. The lawsuit accused Snoop of multiple offenses including sexual assault, sexual battery, which violate Trafficking Victims Protection Act. From the start, Snoop denied the allegations. Now, Pitchfork reports the lawsuit is in the process of being dismissed, per the accusers request.

Snoop is not surprised. In a statement to the FADER, Snoop stated: "It is not surprising that the plaintiff dismissed her complaint against the defendants. Her complaint was full of false allegations and deficiencies." 

The woman's account of sexual assault was vicious. She claimed that Juan took her to his home against her will and, the following morning, "removed his penis from his pants and forced his penis" into her mouth. Juan then allegedly took the woman to Snoop's studio, where Snoop is said to have cornered her in a bathroom stall and forced her into oral sex. 

It was not the first legal situation Snoop was involved in. He went to trial after he was accused of murdering a rival gang member, which occurred in 1993 He was repped by the famed attorney, the late Johnny Cochran, and was acquitted of first-degree murder. Snoop claimed he was not the trigger man and drove the getaway car with his bodyguard in self defense. He has never denied his previous gang affiliation.

In one interview after the verdict, the rapper spoke on feeling relief after the verdict, but going through the motions during the trial. "I left it in God's hands," he said at the time. "That's why I looked so stoned face. I just — I didn't have no expressions. It was all inner. I prayed on it. My family prayed on it."

Snoop celebrated his legal victory in an Instagram post in 2020. A film about the murder case is in the works.