'Shark Tank' Star Flirts With Alex Rodriguez Relationship After Jennifer Lopez Split

Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran is known for being a little flirty with some of the contestants who pitch their ideas to the investors on the show, but this time she's setting her eyes on a recently single Alex Rodriguez. The baseball star recently split from longtime fiance Jennifer Lopez in April, after he was rumored to have an affair with Southern Charm's Madison Lecroy.

In an interview with Extra, Corcoran says she reacted to the news of A-Rod and J-Lo's split by jumping at an open opportunity. "When I first heard about what was going on (with) A-Rod, I immediately called him up and proposed. I don't want to waste time. If he's dropping that other babe who's not even so good looking in my opinion, why shouldn't I jump in there for that opportunity? I would say definitely he'll say yes." She added, "Are you believing me, I doubt it."

While she cracks a few jokes on the Hustler star's good looks, Corcoran admits she holds Lopez in very high esteem. She may have called her intimidating in the past, but Corcoran promises she meant it in a nice way. "I compliment her (J-Lo) when I say she's intimidating," she previously told Us Weekly. I don't mean in any regard that she's not nice in any way. What I mean by that is she has self-power. She created her own power in herself, and it's [palpable]. … Without even seeing who's coming in the room, you feel something."


Since the two superstars split, they've each been spotted with a few of their exes. Lopez not only reportedly found support with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, but she's also been spending time with ex-fling Ben Affleck. Both stars were present at Global Citizen VAX LIVE: The Concert to Reunite the World on Sunday. A source tells Intouch that the two are "hanging out" again and have been getting along just like old times. "Jennifer still cares for Ben, she never really stopped. Apparently, they reconnected like no time had passed," they said.