Rumer Willis Posts Adorable Throwback Photo With Dad Bruce

Rumer Willis recently posted an adorable throwback photo with her dad, Bruce Willis, and her followers are loving it. In the picture, a very young Rumer is being held by her father while also snacking on a cookie. She joked about the photo in a caption, writing, "A face only a father could love.....grandma face courtesy of face app." Many of Rumer's followers have since commented, with actress Ruby Rose joking, "I’m so confused because you look like an adorable cute kid.. but if you zoom in you look like an 89 year old woman screaming about cookies not being like they used to be."

"It’s a tricky look, forschnizzle," comedian Chelsea Handler added, while model Tess Holliday said, "Well that’s a lie bc i love it."

"I feel bad but I think they were just taking a picture that your dad looked good in and weren't too worried about you. You grew up so beautiful though so good news there," another person wrote.

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"A face that is beautiful, and grows more beautiful with each day, because that face is connected to a heart of gold!" someone else offered.

"You’re the perfect mom/dad hybrid. When you are next to mom, identical. Next to dad? Identical. I’m the same way it’s awesome!" one other follower commented.

In another recent throwback post, Rumer expressed her love and caring for her younger sister Scout on the 28-year-old's birthday.

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"Sweet @scoutlaruewillis finding the words to express my love and gratitude for your existence leave me speechless but here goes," Rumer's heartfelt message began. "I have never met anyone more authentically themselves. From the moment you were born you carved out a scout shaped space in my heart, one that I will always protect with the ferocity of a mama.

"The self possessed warrior of our tribe you lead us all by the example you set," she continued. "One of grace, gratitude and love. I love this photo because it perfectly encapsulates you in my eyes. Brave, Confident, Unapologetically Yourself with a look of Mischievous Wonder."


"This past year I have seen you transform and blossom in the most amazing way," Rumer added. "The way that you move through joy as well as the challenges with such grace makes me so proud."

"Thank you for choosing me as your sister, thank you for your unending compassion, your brilliant song writing that lingers in my head long after you have stopped singing, your drive, your loyalty, for lifting us all up with the self work you do, your laugh (one of my favorite sounds in the whole world), your smirk, late night convos and spontaneous adventures but mostly for your heart which feels like it is a third of mine," her message concluded. "You are my best friend and I love you with the depths of my soul."