Roseanne Barr Claims She's Leaving Social Media, Then Backtracks

Roseanne Barr claimed she was leaving social media on Saturday, but it turned out her sabbatical only lasted a few hours before she returned to Twitter.

Barr cited Anti-Semitism as her reason for leaving Twitter. "What is not targeted/shadow banned on twitter: Anti-Semitism," she said.

"I already deleted Facebook five years ago when the Anti-Semitism there became toxic. I am leaving all social media except Instagram," Barr tweeted before noon. "I must in good conscience leave Twitter. Bye Bye!"

Less than two hours later, Barr came back.

"Welp-[People] have convinced me 2 stay w them here," Barr tweeted.

Barr's brief Twitter departure follows a rough week for her revived Roseanne series. On Friday, the series lost its showrunner, comedian and writer Whitney Cummings. Co-showrunner Bruce Helford will stay on as sole showrunner. Writers Dave Caplan and Bruce Rasmussen were promoted to executive producers and Barr will be head writer.

"I think Whitney is going to be too busy," Helford told The Hollywood Reporter Friday. "Whitney is always a member of the family of the show but she's got so much going on. I don't know how she had time to work on the show in the first place. I don't think she'll be able to join us in the capacity she was joining us in this first season."

ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey also told reporters earlier last week that the series will move away from politics. Barr replied by saying reporters "misrepresented" what Dungey said.

"ABC has been nothing but supportive to me and my show and all of our ideas. The press has misrepresented what ABC President said about our new season," Barr tweeted.

"The show certainly did touch on some of that in the first episode in a very funny way, to look at the different political views between Roseanne and Jackie," Dungey said on May 15. "That said, having touched on it in the first episode of the season, I think when you look on subsequent episodes of the run, the focus is not really on politics and much more on family and the everyday trials and tribulations that the family faces that still bring them together."

Dungey said episodes next season will focus more on the family than politics.

"I think they'll continue on the path they're on toward the latter part of this season, which is away from politics and more focused on family," Dungey continued.

Roseanne was the most-watched sitcom of the season, giving ABC the most-watched show of the season for the first time in 18 years.


Roseanne will be back for another season in the fall.

Photo credit: ABC