Alan Thicke's Wife Recalls Last Day With Husband

Tanya Thicke, Alan Thicke's widow, is opening up about her final day with the late actor. She spoke about the final phone conversation they had and the moment she learned that he had passed.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Tanya explained how her Growing Pains star husband was getting ready to play a pickup game at a skating rink in Burbank, California with his son, Carter.

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"We spoke that morning," she said. "[Alan] called me from the hockey rink. He's there dressing up, getting ready to play hockey and he's like, 'Honey, I'll be home between 6 and 7. How about some chicken tonight with extra gravy? And lots of TV and a little sex?"

After their conversation, Tanya said that she was planning to go get food and planned on seeing her husband later that evening. However, everything changed when she received bad news via phone call.

"So I started preparing to go to the market and I get the phone call that something is wrong with Alan, that I have to drive down to LA," she continued. "I knew something was really really wrong when I pulled up to the curb and there was a spiritual worker there, a spiritual guidance person with a Bible."

Tanya says that she was shocked to then find out that Alan had died.

"And when I saw her standing there my heart sank. And I remember dropping my water bottle and my heart sank to my stomach," she said. "When the doctors were explaining what happened to him and I'm listening, and he said, 'I'm sorry to tell you Mrs. Thicke, but your husband has expired."


Alan died from a ruptured aorta in December 2016.

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