Rickey Smiley Talks Loss After Son Brandon's Tragic Death

The popular comedian and radio personality opened up about the heartbreaking passing.

Rickey Smiley decided to speak out about the loss of his 32-year-old son, Brandon Smiley on social media. The comedian and radio personality shared a video to Instagram speaking out on the loss, following upon the emotional post revealing his son's death. It's a window into grief that many don't typically feel up to talking about.

"I feel bad for my other kids," he said, noting that the "sadness is setting in" on himself and his family following the loss. "My kids are confused. They don't know what to do. I just never thought I would be a member of an organization where you have to bury your kids. It's a terrible nightmare."

Smiley noted how he didn't cry in the initial period after learning of his son's death. He cited "shock" keeping him from crying before later feeling emotions like "somebody stomping on my chest and it's just non-stop."

"Tears are coming down your eyes but you ain't crying," Smiley admitted. "And then you crying and ain't no tears coming down your eyes." He added that his youngest son, Malik, is struggling the hardest with the loss.

"He got his own issues," Smiley said about his 21-year-old son. "He's fighting to stay alive because he's dealing with a lot, dealing with depression and anxiety."

A memorial for Brandon Smiley is scheduled for Saturday in Smiley's hometown of Birmingham, Ala. Smiley revealed the loss on the way to Birmingham with his post on IG. "I just had bad news this morning," he said. "I'm on my way to the airport to get to Birmingham. I want everybody to pray for me, pray for our family. Our son Brandon Smiley has passed away this morning. Lord have mercy, Jesus. Pray for Brandon's mother and his father Taurus and his sister Taylor, and everybody. I hate to announce this, but I just want to give it to you before you hear it in the streets."

In a follow-up, Smiley noted his faith as a guide through the hard time. "God gave me so many good years with my son... I don't have anything to complain about. If you think you've having a bad day, give God some praise," he said. "I am certainly blessed."