Rick Moranis: Police Questioning Someone in Relation to Random Attack

Police are questioning someone in connection with the random, unprovoked attack on actor Rick [...]

Police are questioning someone in connection with the random, unprovoked attack on actor Rick Moranis. The Spaceballs star was assaulted Thursday morning, a few steps from his Upper West Side home in New York City. Police have released a detailed photo of the suspect, a man wearing an "I Love New York" hooded sweatshirt and a backpack. Moranis' agent said the actor is "doing fine" after he was briefly hospitalized.

Police told CBS New York they questioned someone at the 20th Precinct in connection with the assault on Moranis. No one has been charged or arrested. One of Moranis' neighbors, Bill Kenny, told CBS New York he was recently randomly attacked in Brooklyn. "It didn't surprise or shock me. Like, you know, this has happened well before myself and Mr. Moranis. It's going to continue to happen unless something is done," Kenny said.

The assault happened just before 7:30 a.m. ET Thursday morning. The suspect punched Moranis with a closed fist and calmly walked from the scene, leaving Moranis on the ground. Moranis was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for pain in his head, back, and right hip. He later spoke with police to report the incident. Police have released footage of the assault and posted photos of the suspect near the scene.

"Rick Moranis was assaulted on the Upper West Side yesterday," Moranis' agent told the New York Daily News Friday. "He is fine but grateful for everyone's thoughts and well wishes." The well-wishes quickly poured in from around the world, with many hoping the suspect could be caught as soon as possible. "My blood is boiling. Find this man. You don't touch Rick Moranis," actor Chris Evans tweeted.

Moranis is best known for his work in comedies during the 1980s and 1990s, including Ghostbusters, The Flintstones, Spaceballs, Parenthood, and Little Shop of Horrors. He also starred in Disney's Honey I Shrunk The Kids franchise and is set to star in a new sequel to the series called Shrunk. The Second City Television alum has not appeared in a live-action movie since 1997's Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, as he focused on raising his two children after his wife, Ann Belsky, died in 1991.

Recently, Moranis has begun returning to the spotlight. Earlier this year, he starred in a commercial for Mint Mobile with fellow Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. His appearance in Shrunk will end his 23-year acting hiatus. Moranis also participated in Martin Scorsese's SCTV reunion documentary for Netflix.