Rapper Lil Debbie Reveals Scary Incident Where Man Followed Her Near Her Home

The 34-year-old rapper shared a story with fans, concluding: "Women are never safe, just so you know."

Rapper Lil Debbie shared a harrowing story on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, April 10. In a one-minute video, the 34-year-old explained how a "sketchy" man followed her around while she walking near her home. She thanked an unknown neighbor who helped her get out of the situation, saying that "women are never safe."

Jordan Mary Capozzi – better known by her stage name Lil Debbie – made an Instagram post last week noting that she usually takes a walk around her neighborhood when she doesn't have time to get into a gym. However, in this case, her exercise was disturbed by a strange man walking too closely behind her, making her feel threatened. Capozzi felt that the man was following her, so she tried to lose him. Thankfully, a neighbor also perceived the danger and stepped in to help.

"I went on a walk this morning, and shout out to a neighbor of mine that I see casually," Capozzi began in the now-expired Story video. "She lives like two blocks away from me. I was walking in my neighborhood, and this man was being very sketchy with me, and I was trying to, like, not act alarmed, but also be like, 'I know that you're there.'"

Capozzi undercut the serious subject matter with a filter that distorted her facial features to make her look cartoonish. She continued, explaining how her neighbor interceded. The "2 Cups" rapper said: "So, she actually saw me walking, and he was walking really close behind me, being really sketchy. She stopped and waited, and then I went to my car – luckily my car was near – and I acted like I was doing something in my car to kind of, like, throw him off. I could tell he was following me."

Afterward, Capozzi got some validation from her neighbor, who confirmed that she had felt the man was a threat as well. She said: "Then I locked my car and I walked back down away from him, and she was like, 'I saw that. He was super sketchy, and I am glad you're OK, but that's why I was like, standing here waiting.' 

"We've never talked, we've only seen each other, and I was like, 'Girl, thank you.' And this was at like, 10:30 a.m. Like, women are never safe, just to let you know."

Capozzi is a California native best known for her rap music – first as a part of the group White Girl Mob along with Kreayshawn and V-Nasty, and later as a solo artist and frequent collaborator with Riff Raff. However, Lil Debbie's most recent EP release was in 2019, and Capozzi has begun putting more time and energy into her line of cannabis-infused baked goods known as "Cakes."

Capozzi has not posted any follow-up on her harrowing encounter last week. Fans have wished her well in the comments on several posts since then.