Watch: Prince Harry Catches Young Girl ‘Stealing’ His Popcorn

During the Invictus Games in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Prince Harry of the British Royal Family fell victim to a sweet little snack thief.

In a clip from the volleyball game on Wednesday night, the 33-year-old was deep in conversation with a friend, when a toddler beside him took her opportunity to grab several handfuls of Harry's buttery popcorn.

The Telegraph reports the toddler, Emily, daughter of the prince's Paralympian friend, David Henson who competed in the first Invictus games, was attending the games with her family.

While sitting on her mother, Hayley's lap, the girl made away with numerous grabs without Harry noticing.

With her attention more on the food than the game, Harry eventually notices and teases her by taking the bag of popcorn away before relenting. Giving the toddler his full, undivided attention, feeding her popcorn and making a long range of silly faces to excite her, the prince was playful with the tot.


Prince Harry created the international Paralympic-style event for wounded and sick military personnel following his two tours in Afghanistan. The sports at the Invictus Games include wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and indoor rowing.