Oprah Winfrey Reveals She's 'a Little Sore' After Her Scary Fall With a 'Self-Care Sunday' Photo

Oprah Winfrey is shaking off her scary fall during her Los Angeles tour stop on Saturday by having a "self-care Sunday." The former talkshow host fell during her opening remarks, which were ironically about keeping balance. On Sunday, Winfrey shared a photo of herself relaxing at home with a newspaper and a smile on her face.

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"Sunday Reading and icing," Winfrey, 66, wrote in the caption. "Thank you all for your kind wishes. Yes I slipped on stage and I'm now a meme. But so grateful to be only a little sore. Turning the day into what [Michelle Obama] calls #selfcareSunday."

Winfrey's fans were happy to see she was doing much better on Sunday.

"So sorry this happened.. you handled it well.. you're such a gracious lady," one fan wrote.

"Oprah, thank you for being soul inspiring and sharing so much love with the universe," another chimed in.

"Sorry to hear of your slip, and wishing you speedy healing and minimal pain," another wrote. "We love you Oprah!"

On Saturday morning, Winfrey was giving her opening remarks for her 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus event at The Forum in Inglewood, California. The topic for the speech was "Wellness: All Things in Balance." After finishing a sentence, she fell and jokingly told the audience "Wrong shoes!"

Winfrey continued her speech, and some photos showed her walking around the stage barefoot. One witness told Hollywood Life Winfey's longtime partner Stedman Graham rushed to the stage, to help, but she was already back on her feet by the time he left his seat.

"Oprah Winfrey was walking around on the stage and talking, giving words of wisdom to the crowd," the eyewitness said. "All of a sudden, she stumbled back, teetered on her heels and then fell right on to the ground, on her butt. Someone from backstage ran out front to help her on her feet. She said something like, 'Wrong heels. I wore the wrong shoes. Please get me some new shoes.'"

Winfrey continued the event as if nothing happened, and later sat down with her featured guest, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. During their chat, Lopez opened up about being snubbed by the Oscars after her Hustlers performance won critical acclaim. Although it was a "little sad," Lopez said she realized she did not need an award to know she is good at her job.

"I was a good actress -- always -- I can say that now to myself, but what I do now is so much different than what I did then," she told Winfrey. "You realize you want people's validation, you want people to say you did a good job and I realized, 'No, you don't need that. You do this because you love it. I don't need this award to tell me I'm enough.'"


The last stop on Winfrey's tour is on March 7 at the Pepsi Center in Denver, with Gayle King as her guest.

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