Nicky Trebek: Who Is Alex Trebek's Adopted Daughter?

The world is currently mourning the loss of longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, who passed away at the age of 80 on Sunday following a battle with pancreatic cancer. Trebek is survived by his wife, Jean Currivan-Trebek, their two children, Matthew and Emily, and Nicky, the daughter of his ex-wife Elaine Trebek Kares, whom he adopted. Nicky actually followed in her father's footsteps on Jeopardy!, as she has worked behind-the-scenes on the game show since it started in 1984.

According to, Nicky was six years old when Trebek married Kares in 1974. He "lovingly raised her and gave her his name." Trebek and Kares split in 1981. The game show host later married Currivan-Trebek in 1990 and the pair welcomed two children together, Matthew and Emily. Currivan-Trebek penned an essay for Insidewink, which was published shortly before Father's Day this year, in which she opened up about Nicky being a dear member of their family.

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"…we have the added benefit of Nicky being part of our family," Currivan-Trebek wrote. "Nicky is the daughter of Alex's first wife, Elaine, whom I have great affection for. Nicky is a couple of years younger than me, and so I have also enjoyed getting to know her and I consider her to be one of my dearest friends. She is full of soulfulness with a dash of rock n'roll…a truly benevolent person. It feels to me like our little family was meant to be…the stars all were aligned to bring together such unique personalities which deeply support and respect each other." As previously mentioned, Nicky has worked alongside her father on Jeopardy! for years now. She even explained what it was like to work with Trebek on the show and addressed whether she felt as though she was under extra pressure since her father was at the helm.


"I started working on the show the year it started, in 1984," Nicky said. "I can't explain the special relationship I've had with Jeopardy!. My life has taken me many different directions over the past 30 years but being back at Jeopardy! for the past five has been an incredible blessing." She added, "As far as extra pressure? Sure, of course, but I can handle it. I'm tough like him. LOL. It does feel as if more eyes are on me to do the right thing and very aware when I do the wrong thing (haha) but all in all working on Jeopardy! has been and still is like my second family. The Jeopardy! fam is strong and resilient. I'm lucky to be a part of it."