New Anthony Bourdain 'Parts Unknown' Airing Sunday Night

A new episode of Anthony Bordain: Parts Unknown will air on Sunday Night on CNN, just a few days after the host's untimely passing.

Bourdain was found dead in a hotel room in France on Friday morning, following an apparent suicide. The host has spent decades on TV taking audiences around the world and into obscure kitchens. He will continue to do so on Sunday evening, when a new episode of Parts Unknown airs at 9 p.m.

CNN has not announced where Bourdain is headed in the new episode. The promo shows the 61-year-old walking down a city street with fog on his breath, grinning in a winter coat. Another shot shows him in a dapper black-on-black suit in a fancy restaurant. The show promises to be an emotional spectacle, with an introduction from Anderson Cooper.

Immediately afterward, CNN will re-air the special Remember Anthony Bourdain. The tribute first played on Friday night, a few hours after Bourdain's passing.

Bourdain was passionate about his work on Parts Unknown. In October of 2017, he gave one of his final interviews with BUILD. He discussed the unique position he was in as a journalist and a storyteller when making the beloved CNN show.

"So, the ability to tell a story is creatively satisfying," he said. "To be able to focus exclusively on people and places that interest me -- I mean, you know, most people in media, the boss tells them: 'you're doing a segment on the rutabaga shaped like Nixon today,' or the heart-warming story of somebody that you don't care about at all. I don't live by those rules. I've been really fortunate to do what I want, and, in an almost evangelical way, talk about people doing things I care about."

For his fans, these words served as a reminder that the kind of depression Bourdain was battling had little to do with external forces and objective circumstances. The celebrity chef was suffering from depression on a physiological level, and the cure had little to do with reaching career heights or making creative achievements.

Another clip that resurfaced after Bourdain's death was from a Parts Unknown episode where he travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The city is known for its brilliant psychoanalysts, and Bourdain went to a local therapist to experience the culture. There, he spoke about his depression.

"I feel kind of like a freak," he said, "and I feel very isolated. I communicate for a living but I'm terrible at communicating with people I care about."

He spoke about the way a very small disruption in his mood, like a bad hamburger at an airport, could send him into a spiral that was nearly impossible to pull out of.

"There's the evil hamburger that sets me off, suddenly I'm super depressed for days. It's like that with the good stuff too. I have a couple of happy minutes there where I'm thinking, 'ahh. Life is pretty good.'"

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).