Natalie Portman Files Restraining Order Against Man Who Showed up at Her Home, Claimed He Was John Wick

Natalie Portman has filed a restraining order against a man who claimed they had a “telepathic connection” when he showed up at her home and only identified himself as movie character John Wick.

The Oscar-winning actress is seeking a temporary restraining order against the unidentified man, who is accused of attempting to gain access to her gated community on Thursday, Jan. 31, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

Although the exact details of the request are not known at this time, the outlet reports that the Los Angeles Police Department filed a petition for a firearms restraining order against a man of the same name just two weeks prior to Portman’s filing.

The man, whose identity is unknown, had been reported by “a high-profile actor of international notoriety” after he had approached her property and “rang the intercom/doorbell multiple times but said nothing when attempts to engage him were made over the intercom,” the LAPD petition states.

When officers arrived at the scene and confront the man, he identified himself only as John Wick, the title character of the 2014 Keanu Reeves-starring film about a hitman who comes out of retirement after someone kills his puppy. His Colorado driver’s license confirmed his true identity, though offices noted that he would not respond to his true name, only the name John Wick.

Although his “responses were limited and delayed,” he told responding officers that “he had spoken to the reporting person several times, telepathically, and that he had traveled from Colorado to Los Angeles to meet the individual.”

In addition to Portman’s request for a restraining order and the LAPD’s petition for a firearms restraining order, the man was placed on a mental health hold. It is not known if Portman’s restraining order has been granted.

Portman, who is just the latest celebrity forced to file a restraining order, is no stranger scary interactions with alleged fans. Speaking at the Los Angeles Women's March in January of 2018, the Vox Lux actress opened up about her first memories as a young celebrity, including a fan letter she received when she was 13-years-old that she described as a "rape fantasy."


“I excitedly opened my first fan mail to read a rape fantasy that a man had written me," she said, going on to detail how it was around that same age that she realized she was being objectified despite that she was only a child.

As a result of the objectification and scary encounters, Portman said she developed a “reputation for basically being prudish, conservative, nerdy, serious.” Now, Portman has become a vocal supporter of the "Time's Up" initiative and frequently speaks out on the inequalities of men and women.