Miley Cyrus Accepts Dolly Parton Meme Challenge, 'Hannah Montana' Style

The great Dolly Parton meme challenge of 2020 continues to spread throughout the internet. The latest participant is Miley Cyrus, who gave the challenge an unusual twist. For the photos, Cyrus only used Hannah Montana images to represent her quartet of social media "selves."

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"Hannah accepts the Dolly Challenge," Cyrus wrote in the caption.

Hannah Montana was a musical comedy series from the Disney Channel that starred Cyrus as Miley Stewart, an average teenager who also happened to be living a double life as a pop sensation. It aired for four seasons from 2006 to 2011. Two feature films were also released in theaters in both 2008 and 2009. Needless to say, fans were plenty excited at the throwback pics.

"I miss Hannah so much," wrote one fan, as another commented that "we only stan legends." A third proclaimed that "Queen of this generation goes to Hannah."

Cyrus has (so far) been joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who drew some very NSFW reactions from his fans. Eminem also took part, but he went ahead and took care of the NSFW part himself.

The meme started to catch fire earlier this week when Parton posted four distinctly different images of herself across her career, skewering how people present themselves on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

Parton is more to Cyrus than a meme and musical inspiration, however, as she's also her godmother. Cyrus' father, country star Billy Ray Cyrus, named Parton her godmother, but that wasn't public knowledge until Parton revealed the connection in an interview with Anderson Cooper back in 2013.

Over the weekend, Cyrus celebrated her godmother's 74th birthday by sharing a 2017 clip of her own impersonation of her in a clip from an episode of The Tonight Show. The segment featured both Cyrus and host Jimmy Fallon in costume as Parton and Kenny Rogers singing their hit duet, "Islands in the Stream."


The clip had some recalling the number of times that Parton defended Cyrus over the past several years, believing she was unfairly scrutinized by the press.

"I remember myself at her age. We've all been a bit too hard on her," she told Parade in 2012. "I hope she holds it together because there's a world of things she can do. She should keep an eye on things and make wise decisions."