Michael Buble Had Coincidental Run-in With 'Modern Family' Star Eric Stonestreet During 'Ellen' Prank

One of Ellen DeGeneres' most hilarious prank segments on her talk show is her hidden prank bit, when she has celebrities follow her every command while doing things like visiting a drugstore, and her latest victim was singer Michael Bublé.

DeGeneres had Bublé act as a cashier at a local grocery store, but even the host was surprised when Bublé's first customer turned out to be Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet.

As DeGeneres began instructing Bublé on what to say to Stonestreet, the actor mused, “I smell something awry in my Handy Market.”

After the host told Bublé to ask Stonestreet for a hug, Stonestreet's girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer, said, “It’s Michael Buble!”

While Stonestreet instantly caught on the prank, the next woman to come through Bublé's line let things unfold, though she admitted at the end of her checkout that she had suspected something was off.

Stonestreet and Bublé's second customer later stopped by the show, with Bublé admitting that he thought he was the one being pranked when he saw Stonestreet.

“I thought you were punking me for sure," Bublé later told DeGeneres. "My eyes got so big and I thought, ‘Oh no, they’re doing it to me!”

“I would have loved that, but nope!” Stonestreet said. “I feel like I just crashed a party by the way. How funny is it that this is what you think living in Hollywood is...oh famous people are running into each other all the time!”

DeGeneres added that they had just picked a "random" market and Stonestreet just happened to show up before Bublé recounted the prank and DeGeneres gifted his unsuspecting second customer $1,000 for being a good sport.

In addition to his turn on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bublé will star in a commercial during Super Bowl LIII, appearing in a spot for PepsiCo's line of bubly sparkling water.

A short clip released ahead of the game finds the star sitting on the floor of a supermarket, changing the can's labels from "Bubly" to "Bublé," something the store owner is less than pleased with.


“I might be Canadian, but I’m a big fan of American football,” Bublé said in a statement to PEOPLE. “I had a blast doing my very first Super Bowl commercial with bublé—I mean bubly. Because of our similar names, the brand and I share a special bond. I love how the cans are bold, bright, and full of personality. They’re perfect for any Super Bowl viewing partés you might be having.”

Photo Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show