Mia Khalifa's Husband Captures Hilarious Candid Video of Her Singing in the Shower

Mia Khalifa has a social media following that only a few have and not many people can say they racked up $160,000 as she did for charity in just four months thanks to her steady fanbase. But like many people, Khalifa can be found singing in the shower — and it's hilarious. Her husband captured the moment in a video he posted to Instagram in which he snuck up on her as she was belting out some notes. Khalifa, whose real name is Mia Callista, could then be seen popping her head out as she realized what Robert Sandberg was doing.

The former adult film star has since taken her fame acquired from the three-month stint she had filmed a handful of movies in the adult film industry in 2014 and tapped back into her roots with an OnlyFans account that has seen its profit going towards charity. Earlier in the month, it was revealed that Khalifa’s account on OnlyFans, which is a platform where users, or fans, can pay for exclusive content, contributed $160K in donations for charity.

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She told her fans in a TikTok video that they helped her be able to donate to multiple organizations that mean the most to her. “I’m so grateful for the platform and all the incredible, strong, determined women I’ve met through the Internet because of it.”

Khalifa and Sandberg’s relationship took a major step forward in 2019 when the two got engaged. As she informed her social media followers, their plans for a 2020 wedding took a detour amid the coronavirus pandemic. They had planned on a big ceremony to take place last June before it had to be altered as cases rose and restrictions across the country became more strict. As many 2020 couples had to experience, the two called an audible and still got married in June but instead of the elaborate plans they had, opted to do it at their home.

While not involved in the adult film industry since her brief stint, Khalifa has instead spent her time building up her own brand. As a result, her social media pages have become somewhat of a cult-following as she has become a serious influencer. Her Instagram is filled with daily content, including one recent bikini shot on the beach that gave a special shoutout to Beyonce. Khalifa currently has more than 22.6 million followers on Instagram and another 3.4 million on Twitter.