Melissa McCarthy Gives Major Update on Live-Action 'Little Mermaid' Movie

Melissa McCarthy is ready to start filming again on the Disney live-action film The Little Mermaid after things were put on hold due to the global pandemic. In the 1989 remake of the classic film, McCarthy will play Ursula's villain role and is thrilled to play the role. During an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen with her husband Ben Falcone, the Bridesmaids actress answered a few questions in regards to the upcoming film.

"For The Little Mermaid, hopefully, if everything is ... safe, we go back to shooting in January in London," she said as an answer to a fan question, according to PEOPLE. "Which is very exciting." Disney fans will remember Ursula's dark and mysterious role being the one responsible for taking Ariel's voice away after she rebelled against her father. While she's not the most fan-favorite character, McCarthy has respect for the role an describes playing her as "delicious."

"I have such an affection for Ursula," she confessed. "I know she's a villain, but I've just always kind of been like, 'Oh my God.' I mean, she's kind of delicious to play. I'm just kind of doing it as if I could be like the vaudevillain night club act that lives in my heart." She continued to say that there's no such thing as going "too far" with this role and is "excited to see it."

In July 2019, Disney announced who would fill the role as Ariel, and fans were thrilled to find out. Halle Bailey will be taking on the iconic role and her casting was quickly met with praises by many as fans celebrate the diverse choice. Jonah Hauer-King was also cast as Prince Eric and Javier Bardem will play the role of King Triton. Daveed Diggs will play Sebastian, Jacob Tremblay as Flounder and Awkwafina will be the voice of Scuttle.


Lin-Manuel Miranda, known for the famous musical Hamilton, will serve as the film's executive producer. However, he's not stopping there; he will also create new music for the highly-anticipated movie. In fact, he loves The Little Mermaid so much, he named his son Sebastian over the famous character. "Basically, they were like, 'There's no bigger fan of this movie than you, and no bigger public supporter," he said according to Vulture, according to PEOPLE, admitting he was "intimidated" to fill the position.